Cookie Swivel Turn Table | Sugar Alchemy

This 5” cookie turntable makes decorating easier plus its a huge time saver!


Turntable is 2 solid pieces with no internal parts which means no headaches trying to repair or replace pieces over time.


The turntable surface is slightly textured to gently grip the bottom of your cookie. For best results it is recommended a small piece of non-skid material be placed betwen the turntable and your counter top to prevent sliding (non-skid material not provided). I got a full roll from the dollar store. 


The side tab can also be used to hold or move the turntable without disurbing the cookie on top. For decorators wanting a more stationary option, the base can be screwed/bolted down through the hole in the tab. 

Not Dishwasher Safe. Hand wash with cold or warm water as needed.

Turntable color will vary unless specified. If you wish to have a specific color select from the drop down menu. Some color requests may add an additional week to processing time

Cookie Swivel Turn Table